The Chilliwack Youth Orchestra

The last 4 years playing in the orchestra was an invaluable and unforgettable experience in my life. Not only was I able to play the instrument that I loved, but I was also able to make valuable friends and relationships. Whether you are professionally going into music or simply have a passion for music as a hobby, I can truly attest that the Chilliwack Youth Orchestra is a wonderful place to get involved, meet new people, and have fun – with music.

    Haejoo Oh - Symphony Orchestra


"I was an exchange student in Chilliwack for five months. In the very beginning of my stay I searched for different clubs and after-school-activities I could participate in. On the internet I found the website of the CYO. Joining was very easy for me. I showed up for a Saturday rehearsal and I just really enjoyed playing in the orchestra from the first minute on. The CYO gave me the opportunity to continue playing the violin in an orchestra, to make new friends in Chilliwack, and of course to have a lot of fun."

     Yvonne Dudey - Symphony Orchestra


The Chilliwack Youth Orchestra was a pivotal point in my music career. The CYO helped me to get into other community orchestras, and the CYO has a great environment that encourages but also gives constructive criticism. I found myself chatting and mingling with other members that weren't even close to my age, and everyone is friendly. The CYO was what made me an active orchestral member in other orchestras as well.

    Solchan Kim - Symphony Orchestra


Hearing all the different instruments come together to play music that is challenging, fun and entertaining is way better than playing alone.

    Maiah Balzer - Symphony Orchestra


The CYO is a wonderful opportunity for children of varying ages to come together,bringing their love of music and acquiring invaluable skills from dedicated, kind, passionate and professional instructors. It's been a wonderful experience for my son and we are very thankful for the fact that this affordable opportunity exists in our community! The instruction is encouraging and of superior quality!

    Mrs. Sandra Kwitkoski


I like playing in the Orchestra because I like to play the violin, play classical music, and I want to learn to play the violin better and learn to play with others.

    Samuel Kwitkoski - Intermediate Orchestra


I really love the orchestra. The concerts made me conquer my fear of playing onstage. I learned how to play my part without being distracted by the other people in the orchestra. I also love it because I love playing with other people more than playing by myself.

    Hanna Greenwood - Intermediate Orchestra




It has been a delight to see my girls enjoying and thriving in music this past year.  Before their experience with playing in the CYO, going to music lessons seemed to be a similar chore as pulling out their math or English textbooks.  I can see that it makes all the difference to be playing music as part of a group.  They have both been inspired and it is a joy to see them delight in that feeling of being a part something that fills them.  They quite literally skip out the door to violin/viola lessons, as well as orchestra practice. They are the ones making sure I am ready on time!  A refreshing change!   I do really enjoy all the people I have met so far in the CYO.  It is comfortable, like a family, yet provides the children a taste of a professional orchestra.  Thank you for all your time and dedication to gifting this next generation with your love of music, and also keeping the costs minimal so that it is affordable.

    Angela Greenwood


Under the creative and talented direction of conductor Mr. David Voth, our daughter Aaliyah has flourished while playing in the youth orchestra this year. From her first rehearsal she loved the variety in music – folk songs from around the world, to the Classical masters of Beethoven and Grieg. Playing in the youth orchestra has given our daughter Aaliyah a sense of accomplishment and community as she learns to master the art of collaborating with others. Through the orchestra, she gets to experiencing the joy of playing beautiful music together with friends.

    Rachel Vroege


I like how I get to sit by my friends and practice the right way to bow. Mr Voth sometimes says – “some backwards bowing in the back of the second violins” and sometimes that’s me and my friend Hazel. My favourite songs were Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No. 9 and “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. Mr. Voth teaches us about the character of each song and to play with expression and “ferocity”.  Playing in the youth orchestra is really fun! Yay!

    Aaliyah Vroege - Intermediate Orchestra


I made several friends in the Orchestra and it was an experience of a lifetime!  If you are musical, I highly recommend that you try this five star, Chilliwack Youth Orchestra.

    Maelyn Greenwood - Intermediate Orchestra



"Throughout the years, the CYO has been a significant part of my life.  From the Saturday morning rehearsal to the friendships kindled, the orchestra offers memorable and lasting experience to each of its members.  Having been privileged to serve on the board while simultaneously participating as a violin player, I have witnessed first hand all the dedication on and off the stage that truly work to make this orchestra special."

   Herald Park  - Symphony Orchestra/student rep


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